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How VCs Advise Extending Your Runway

"Extend your runway" is sound advice in the current bear market. But, how?

9 Red flags to avoid when choosing an R&D specialist 🚩

The R&D claims market is unregulated, so there are no rules for third parties processing your R&D claim. Here are some red flags you should look out for when choosing your R&D specialist. Read these before you sign anything and choose wisely.

🔎 What happens in an R&D tax credit enquiry

HMRC has increased its scrutiny of SME R&D claims. So chances are, your claim might get flagged up for an enquiry. Find out what could trigger an investigation, what's involved in an enquiry, and how to avoid a bad outcome in case your find yourself having to defend one.

Can accountants produce an HMRC-compliant R&D claim?

Filing an R&D claim is a difficult, technical and often risky process. Who you choose to file your claim is crucial. So can your accountant produce an HMRC-compliant R&D claim?

2022 Autumn Statement: What it means for SMEs claiming R&D relief

On 17 November 2022, the Chancellor of the Exchequer gave everyone a new plan of action. A lot was revealed, from tax cuts to the latest R&D updates. So what does this mean for SMEs claiming R&D relief?

4 commonly misunderstood things that don't qualify as R&D

Preparation and rigour are key, especially when writing an R&D relief claim; knowing common mistakes can in turn help you prepare yourself for the current climate.

HMRC payment delays: what’s happening and when will things be back to normal?

The HMRC R&D tax credit program has been experiencing delays. Why is it happening and what can you expect?

VIDEO: Funding your Startup in the Post-Pandemic Recession

Claimer hosted an invite-only founder party! 🥳 There, 80 founders and six industry experts discussed funding your startup in the post-pandemic recession. We recorded it to make it available to you...

Funding your Startup in the Post-pandemic Recession

In September, we kicked off our Founder Party events to answer the question: how can startups fundraise in a recession?

Want to Protect your Innovation Speed? Here's How

Sustaining a fast innovation cycle can be even more complicated than gaining momentum; founders and investors give tips on how to achieve this.

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