Welcome to issue #23 of our recently launched Q&A series, Startup Spotlight.

This series is all about diving into the world-class technological innovation conducted by exciting UK startups. Getting to grips with the technology, the mission, and even the stories behind them.

In each edition, we sit down with a different startup founder, leader, or operator in an easily digestible conversational style Q&A format.

Today we interviewed Jules Robertson, Co-founder of Tally Market, to find out the story behind the “AirBnB of workspaces”.


  • 📈 How the pandemic opened up a new opportunity for Tally Market
  • ❤️ Why customer service is their secret to success
  • 🔀 Why they're the perfect solution to the ever-changing remote and hybrid working landscape

During the pandemic the way that people worked changed forever, with more than half of working adults in the UK working from home.

Since then, when asked about their future plans, 8 out of 10 who worked from home said they planned to hybrid work.

This new way of working is here to stay but, interestingly, 51% of employees don't have an appropriate space in their home to work from. Feels very much like a huge opportunity, doesn’t it?

Tally Market identified it and jumped right in.

When looking at the way workspaces were provided, Tally Market realised that it was dated and that they could do it better. With access to thousands of pay as you go and full-time workspaces, their clever platform allows businesses to book amazing venues, wherever they are – at the click of a button.

From local co-working spots to inspiring cafes to quiet focus-driven environments to roomy collaborative spaces for entire companies – the Tally Market team can find the perfect space for you, instantly.

Their point of difference is their ability to cater for remote and hybrid employees. Feels like the future, doesn’t it?

Tally Market is transforming the workspace booking world but, as a business born out of a pandemic, what challenges did they face along the way?

What have been their greatest achievements?

And finally, what’s up next?

We sat down with Jules to find out. Here we go.👇

What is the mission of your company?

Tally Market's mission is to improve the way workspace is provided - enabling teams to be more productive, engaged and happier!

How are you using technology to help solve that problem? 

Tally Market is a workspace platform that lets teams instantly book thousands of hot desks, meeting rooms and office on-demand via an online platform (think AirBnB).

We have spent the last two years building out features to enable teams to better find and book exceptional spaces. We partner this with a consultative full-time office search, so teams can have the perfect mix of full-time office and on-demand space. 

What's your unique selling point?

Tally Market is unique in that we combine full-time office with an on-demand platform, meaning that we have the perfect solution to support both remote and hybrid teams. We also have THE best customer service. 

How does Tally Market have the best customer service?

Every member of our team truly care about our customers' experience. We have an amazing CS team that are on-hand all day to help with any query, issue or recommendation. I personally think the best part is that you can to chat us within your own slack workspace!

What is your ideal customer profile?

We work with a huge variety of teams from 2-200 people and across all desk-based industries. Those who have hybrid and remote teams. Our customers have one thing in common - they care about their teams - their productivity their collaboration and their happiness! 

How do you acquire customers?

We are lucky to have referrals but we also have a lovely sales team. We have tipped our toes into marketing but have a marketing superstar joining us in a few weeks who I am sure will make sure we take the plunge. 

What have been the greatest challenges to date?

Our greatest challenge has been the moving market. We started during Covid and so the wants and needs of how teams want to work have and continue to evolve. But it is a good challenge. 

Sounds fascinating. How have the 'wants and needs' evolved? 

When we first were released from our house after Covid - companies were keen to support those that found it hard to work at home but teams were not ready for big team meet ups - hence local coworking was very popular.

Then as teams became keen to come together and collaborate on occasion, we saw a rise in demand for meeting rooms and day offices. Now many (but definitely not all) teams want a place to call home - so we help find them private offices which they can use as a base when they want to collaborate but we also supplement this with on-demand spaces! 

What do your customers say they love the most about Tally Market?

They love; that our team will work closely with them to find them a solution which is just right for their team; our hybrid solution; that they have access to thousands of PAYG space within one account; and our fab customer service.

What major milestones have you achieved, and what's next!?

We are exceptionally happy that we have reached over 2,000 spaces and 5,000 bookings this year. What's next - helping hundreds more teams find their perfect workspace solution.

Thanks, Jules!

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