What is a day worth to you?

To your startup? To your team's 'to do' list?

That's what I thought. A lot.

And, it's more than just pounds and pennies, right? Gaining an extra day to get critical startup stuff done generates an incremental boost in opportunity, momentum, and results.

If it happens to be a day in which you particularly crush it who knows how incredibly value generative that could ultimately be.

So, we invite you to claim 1 more day per year to get stuff done.


By upgrading the way you claim R&D tax relief from HMRC.

Startups who use legacy R&D claim firms and accountants to process their R&D claims spend much more time involved in the process than they need to.

That's hours of discovery and preparation calls, back and forth emails, project reviews, cost allocation, and so on.

All in all, it can add up to more than a day's work across a leadership team.

CTOs often bare the brunt of this time drain (if you're not sure, just ask! 😜). Plus, the context switching stalls short-term project momentum.

That's some expensive admin.

Sound familiar?

No problem. It can soon be a distant memory.


Using Claimer.

We've processed R&D claims fast and easily for 350+ venture-scale startups using software to make the experience easy for you, the customer.

But, don't fret, it's not easy on our side.

Our R&D experts handle your claim and submit it to HMRC, taking care of the entire process.

Yes, they really are experts! Executives who've been working in the R&D claim industry for many years. The best.

How can you be sure?

We have a 100% success rate!

And, our sweet spot is Seed to Series B sized startups. 👇

With Claimer processing your R&D claim, you can move fast (and not break stuff).

So... how do you claim 1 day back per year?

If you're ready to claim R&D relief now, get started here.

If not, drop your email below.

We'll be in touch when it's closer to your R&D claim date. 👇