Simple pricing

No upfront costs or hidden fees. 
No complex contracts or multi-year lock-ins.
of what you get back, when you get it back.
Minimum fee £2k - Maximum fee £10k.
Save your engineering time: we produce and file your report.
No upfront costs: success only-fee.
We've never had a rejection. All HMRC communication dealt with.
Part of a co-working space, incubator, or accelerator?
If so you may be entitled to a discount. Contact us for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the fee calculated?

We charge 5% of the difference between your tax position before and after using Claimer, which could involve a tax credit (for loss-making companies) and/or a tax saving. This payment is only due after the claim is successful. 

So for example, if your saving with the R&D claim was £50,000, our fee would be £2,500 + VAT.

Is it more work than an accountant or normal R&D consultancy?

No - it's actually less work. Accountancy firms, specialists, and 'online platforms' require you to fill in an awful lot of information.

With Claimer, we do the heavy lifting. We ask the minimum amount of information we need in one go, then our tax and technology experts produce and submit your R&D report (after your approval, of course!)

Do you have a minimum or maximum fee?

Our minimum fee is £2,000 (per claim) - For example,  our fee for a £20,000 claim will be £2,000 + VAT.

Our maximum fee is £10,000 (per claim) - For example our fee for a £250,000 claim will be capped at £10,000 + VAT.

Is this a DIY software platform?

No. Our team does all the hard work in producing your report from scratch. Claimer's technology is used primarily by our team to produce your claim.

You're able to manage your claim online, connect your accounting software, and provide information to us via the platform if you find this easier.

If Claimer isn't a DIY platform, how is your fee lower than consultancies?

Whilst Claimer does the heavy lifting in producing your report from scratch, minimising what you and your team have to provide, we've developed powerful tools and automations that enable our team to work more efficiently.

This allows us to reduce the time and cost of producing claims.

Our team of 10+ in-house software engineers make improvements to the service on a daily basis

Do you submit the claim to HMRC? What about enquiries?

Claimer is a registered agent with HMRC and files claims on your behalf, whilst keeping your accountant in the loop.

We have an industry-low enquiry rate of less than 0.4%, and in the unlikely event of one, our team handles all HMRC communication for you.

To date, we've never had a single claim rejected or reduced.

How do you calculate fees for qualifying capital assets?

If costs qualifying for R&D relief are capitalised, we will ignore the benefit of receiving a tax deduction for the original cost of the assets in our fee calculations.

E.g. A Ltd spends £1,000 on software costs which are capitalised as intangible assets and fully qualify for SME R&D relief. None of the costs has been amortised. This reduces the taxable profits of A Ltd by £2,300 (£1,000 x 130% + £1,000). However, Claimer will calculate its fees based on a benefit of £1,300 reduction in profits only.

Do you require us to commit to submitting multiple claims?

No. We feel loyalty should be earned. If you decide not to use us again you are free to switch to another service.

Let our experts do the work, so you can focus on building.

Get started to find out if we're a fit for you. It takes a couple of minutes, with no strings attached.

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